Air conditioning maintenance services Geelong

It is vital that your air conditioning system is working efficiently. At GPA Contracting we provide low-cost preventative maintenance which means you can reduce downtime and costly repairs to your air conditioning system.

Our air conditioning service includes qualified maintenance which will ensure:

  • your air conditioning manufacturer’s warranty is validated
  • equipment life is lengthened with regular maintenance, testing and cleaning
  • maximum performance and energy efficiency of your air conditioner
  • air quality is of a high standard with all filters checked, cleaned or replaced regularly
  • repairs and maintenance to home air conditioners and commercial air conditioning units
  • air conditioning services for split system and ducted units.

Our air conditioning service also includes a thorough electrical check and we provide you with a written service report. Our technicians are registered electrical contractors and refrigeration mechanics fully licenced with the Australian Refrigeration Council and the Plumbing Industry Commission.

Contact our Geelong air conditioning team at GPA Contracting for friendly and professional service.