Geelong ducted commercial air conditioners

Commercial ducted air conditioning is a popular and energy-efficient choice for Geelong businesses. A ducted cooling system allows complete control and zoning – ideal for large businesses with multiple enclosed offices, or large commercial centres.

Zoning allows you to set the temperature for only the necessary areas, meaning your business saves money on wasted energy. Plus, our ducted commercial air conditioners include timer functionality, so you can preset or program the specific times your air conditioning operates. This is particularly useful for large-scale businesses, like shopping or leisure centres. If you know the weather is going to be hot for a number of days, you can proactively cool your premises early in the morning to ensure maximum comfort.

For smaller-scale businesses needing a space-saving air conditioner, our ducted commercial systems are ideal. You can choose to have ducts in your ceilings or floors, meaning there’s no need for bulky and potentially hazardous wall-mounted units.

Please contact us to find out more about our range of high-quality ducted air conditioners for your business. We work with industry-leading brands like Fujitsu and Daikin and offer reverse-cycle and split system commercial air conditioning solutions.