Home air conditioning, Geelong

An air conditioner is an investment in your family’s comfort and lifestyle – there is nothing nicer than having the option of keeping your home comfortable and cool on a blazing hot summer’s day or to be warm and cosy on a cold winter’s day.

At GPA Contracting we understand each family’s home and needs are different and this is why our air conditioning installations are individually designed to suit your specific needs. Our professional and qualified team will talk with you and find out the most cost effective way for you to cool and heat your home. You may require individual zoning for a baby or child’s room, a home office or perhaps you are a shift worker who needs to sleep during the day. Talk to us and we will give you the best home air conditioning solution for your family.

With continually advancing technology and common sense, air conditioning homes does not mean you are faced with expensive power bills and we have a range of energy efficient air conditioners you can choose from. These include split system air conditioning and ducted air conditioning.

Air conditioning installers

If you have already bought an air conditioner for your home, get the professionals to install it for you. Once you have spent money buying an air conditioner you don’t want to throw it away with shoddy or unsafe installation. The GPA Contracting team is fully qualifed in installing your home air conditioning unit.

Contact us at GPA Contracting – we can also provide commercial air conditioning solutions for businesses.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is a deluxe air conditioning system that provides your home with gas ducted heating and cooling throughout your house. The ability to zone the system means you can control the temperature of selected rooms in your house which, ultimately, saves on power bills. This style of air conditioning can be ducted through...

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Split System Air Conditioning

A split system air conditioner provides heating and cooling via the one air conditioning unit. Split air conditioning is the ideal way to heat and cool a medium-sized room, as you are guaranteed quiet and reliable relief for winter or summer without having to buy two separate units. Split system air conditioners are an environmentally-friendly...

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Installation prices for some of the most common size units we install: System Ideal area size Price (fully installed) Toshiba 2.5Kw inverter 15-25m2 bedroom/study $1765.00 Toshiba 5Kw inverter 35-45m2 lounge/kitchen room $2475.00 Toshiba 7.1Kw inverter 45-55m2 living area $2975.00 Conditions apply – subject to site inspection. All prices include GST and are for a standard...

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