Commercial air conditioning Geelong

Any office or business space needs functioning, efficient and cost effective air conditioning to provide a comfortable working environment for staff and clients. At GPA Contracting we have the experience and expertise to provide the best commercial heating and cooling options for your space.

We strongly believe in responsible climate control through our range of air conditioners. We have the knowledge and experience to comply with building codes by providing professional site analysis so your air conditioning system heats and cools your required space effectively and economically.

Our commercial air conditioning range includes the variable refrigerant flow, or VRF system – an extremely efficient, reliable and energy saving way to heat all types of buildings. They are particularly suited to mid- to large-sized applications.

We also provide an ongoing air conditioning maintenance service throughout Geelong to ensure your air conditioners are operating at their optimum level. Our range of commercial air conditioners includes split system and ducted air conditioning so we are sure to have the right system for your office.

Air conditioning installation

Our qualified GPA Contracting team will install your air conditioner as part of our range of air conditioning services. This means we can work with you – from information and advice to selection of the unit, installation through to air conditioning maintenance. Ensuring your commercial heating and cooling system is installed safely and correctly is vital. At GPA Contracting we comply with all necessary regulations as part of our service. Our most recent air conditioning brand is the top-quality Toshiba range.

Call our air conditioner experts for more information. We can help with any of your commercial air conditioning concerns across Geelong, Melbourne and surrounds.

Installation & Repairs

If you need a commercial air conditioner installed at your Geelong business, the team at GPA Contracting in Geelong have more than 40 years’ experience working across a huge range of business needs and industries. We ensure peace of mind for all commercial customers when we install your air conditioning systems. Our team of fully qualified...

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Ducted Commercial Air Conditioners

Commercial ducted air conditioning is a popular and energy-efficient choice for Geelong businesses. A ducted cooling system allows complete control and zoning – ideal for large businesses with multiple enclosed offices, or large commercial centres. Zoning allows you to set the temperature for only the necessary areas, meaning your business saves money on wasted energy....

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Commercial Split Systems

If you’re looking for year-round comfort for your Geelong business, GPA Contracting offers a range of commercial split system air conditioners to save you time and money. Split systems are a great choice for money-savvy businesses, offering heating and cooling from the same unit. This means your employees and customers can enjoy comfortable temperatures no...

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