Tips for buying an air conditioner in Geelong

August 22, 2012

Buying an air conditioner is not only a financial investment, it is an investment in comfort. This means you need to know some information about the best air conditioner for your Geelong home or office.

Two phrases are often bandied about when you research air conditioners – Reverse Cycle and Inverter System. Put simply, Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners internally reverse their operation to provide heating or cooling as required. An Inverter System constantly alters fan and motor speeds. This enables faster cooling of a room and the inverter air conditioner doesn’t have to switch itself on and off to maintain a constant temperature.

So which type of air condition do you chose? Below is a list of common air conditioning systems.

  • Ducted Air Conditioning: This can cool or heat multiple rooms with zoning.
  • Split System Air Conditioning: The cooling unit is installed outside with the fans mounted inside. Suited to cooling one or more adjoining rooms.
  • Window Units: Mounted through a window/wall. Excellent for small rooms.
  • Multi-split system: Utilises one outdoor unit with multiple fan units inside which distribute cool air throughout the house.
  • Portable: Small, light and mobile so they can be moved from room to room. Have a low power output and suited to small spaces.

Make sure you talk to a professional when looking at buying air conditioners in Geelong and check they are accredited with all relevant bodies. Please contact us to find out more.